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Wed Mar 21 14:54:36 EDT 2012

OK fellow "CMCrs", it's that time again. Another great newsletter is
getting ready to go to print and we need to fill out our trip calendar.

If you've led something in the past, please consider putting one trip in the

Also, I would really like to encourage those of you who have never led a
trip to consider leading something: a conditioning hike, a training day,
rock climbing, something local, a weekend in the Sierra . give it a try, the
members will appreciate your effort. We have a lot of people in the club
who can help suggest climbs and help you put the write up together. Drop me
a line and I can help or hook you up with someone who can.

Please give it some thought, the CMC is a climbing club and our schedule is
what we have to offer. Let's have a busy, safe spring.

Tom S

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