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Mon Jun 24 22:34:06 EDT 2019

In an effort to encourage more regular CMC members to lead trips, the Club
is offering, effective with 2020 dues payable in October, a $10 credit
toward membership for any trip led.  Thus, by leading two trips, a member
will have his/her membership paid for.  Co-leaders would each receive the
$10 credit.  

On the subject of Club trips, members should be reminded how easy it is to
post a trip.  Just send your proposal to Joe White
<mailto:joewhite328 at gmail.com> joewhite328 at gmail.com.  Planning a private
trip?  Why not convert it to a CMC trip?  But you say that friends you
planned to take on your private trips are not CMC members.  Remember that
any regular member can sponsor a guest on any CMC outing. Furthermore, your
private trip will be less expensive if you're doing an outing where you
incur a backcountry permit fee or a base campground fee, because the CMC
reimburses all such fees on CMC outings.  Thought of a trip you'd like to
lead, but on short notice?  No problem-we don't have any rigid time limits
for posting trips.

You probably don't need ideas for trips, but in case you do here are some

            A Peak climb

            Rock climbing trips

            A snow Climb

            Canyoneering trips

               Ski and/or snowshoe trips

            Local trips/conditioning hikes

Or, any others you care to propose!  Please send them in!




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