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The following outing has just been added to the schedule:
Note:  for the complete outings schedule, visit our website (
<http://californiamountaineer.net/> http://californiamountaineer.net/)



August 24th - 26th                             Friday - Sunday
Mt Banner / Mt Ritter

The first day we will backpack to Ediza Lake where we will set up camp for
two nights. The second day, we will climb the Ritter/Banner saddle. First we
will climb the class 3 southern slopes of Mt Ritter. Afterwards, we would
descend to the saddle and climb the north face of Mt Ritter on the same day!
This is very prolonged and exposed class 3 route, so please only request to
join if you are experienced and comfortable on such sections. We would
descend the southeast glacier route. Sunday we will hike out. Helmets,
crampons and ice axes will be required. Group size limited to permit
availability. Contact Sean Casserly at casserly79 at gmail.com with class 3 and
up climbing experience if interested.



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