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CMC Members - 

The following outing has just been added to the schedule:
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June 8th - June 16th                       Friday - Saturday
PCT Section Hike


This trip will provide an opportunity to check-off another section of the
PCT in the beautiful, and less traveled Southern Sierra.  The trip will
start at Walker Pass/Hwy 178 in the Southern Sierra and head north, ending
at Cottonwood Pass/Horseshoe Meadows.  102 miles total!  


Not interested in doing 102 miles, but perhaps 50 miles?  Can't take that
much time off work?  This trip is perfect for you!   This section of the PCT
passes through Kennedy Meadows at the 50 mile mark.  Consider joining me, or
leaving at that point, if you need to cut it short.  


Rough itinerary: mail your re-supply box to Kennedy Meadows store four days
prior to departure.  Re-supplying in Kennedy Meadows will allow us to travel
with lighter pack loads.  Shuttle cars on Thursday (June 7th).  Day 1 ~
(June 8th) Walker pass to Joshua Spring = 12 miles.  Day 2 ~ 3 miles past
Spanish Needle Creek = 9 miles.  Day 3 ~ Fox Mill Spring = 10 miles.  Day 4
~ Manter Creek = 11 miles.  Day 5 ~ Kennedy Meadows Store (burger/beer and
re-supply!) = 8 miles.  Day 6 ~ near Beck Meadows = 12 miles.  Day 7 ~ near
seasonal creek (mile marker 728) = 14 miles.  Day 8 ~ Diaz Creek = 14 miles.
Day 9 ~ Cottonwood Pass/Horseshoe Meadows hike out and drive home = 12


Send conditioning/experience and interest to Joe at
<mailto:joewhite328 at gmail.com> joewhite328 at gmail.com. 



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