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The following outing has just been added to the schedule:
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March 24th                             Saturday
CMC/DPS joint trip -  Saddle Peak Hills High Point(s)

The high point (HP) of the Saddle Peak Hills has two summits of about the
same height (2550+ ft). So we'll visit both!  With over 1000 feet of
prominence, the Saddle Peak Hills HP dominates the area around Ibex Pass.
>From Ibex Pass on Hwy 127, we'll drive a few miles south on both paved and
dirt road to a parking spot north of the peak. Anticipate 4-5 miles r/t and
1600' gain over cross-country desert terrain. This climb will finish early
enough if you plan to attend the Desert Peak Section chili cook-off at
Tecopa Hot Springs later in the afternoon.  Contact Daryn Dodge at
<mailto:daryn.dodge at oehha.ca.gov> daryn.dodge at oehha.ca.gov for more details.

LEADERS/ORGANIZERS: Daryn Dodge and Kathy Rich


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