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In an effort to encourage more regular CMC members to lead trips, the Club
announces that it will be offering, effective with 2017 dues payable in
October, a $10 credit toward membership for any trip led.  Thus, by leading
two trips, a member will have his membership paid for.  Co-leaders would
each receive the $10 credit.  

On the subject of Club trips, members should be reminded how easy it is to
post a trip.  Just send your proposal to Joe White
<mailto:joewhite328 at gmail.com> joewhite328 at gmail.com.  Planning a private
trip? Why not convert it to a CMC trip?  But you say that friends you
planned to take on your private trips are not CMC members.  Remember that
any regular member can sponsor a guest on any CMC outing. Further, your
private trip will be less expensive if you're doing an outing where you
incur a backcountry permit fee or a base campground fee-yes, the CMC
reimburses all such fees on CMC outings.  Thought of a trip you'd like to
lead, but on short notice?  No problem-we don't have any rigid time limits
for posting trips.

You probably don't need ideas for trips, but in case you do here are some

            Any California Fourteener

            Rock climbing trips

            Canyoneering trips

            Local trips/conditioning hikes:

                        San Gorgonio

                        San Jacinto

                        Mt. Baldy

                        Galena Peak

                        Iron Mountain (San Gabriels)


Any others you care to propose.  Send them in!  Especially for those of you,
who have never led a CMC trip.  Give it a try!





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