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CMC Members - 


Southern Utah Canyoneering Outing next week!



Apr 24th - 26th                        Sunday-Tuesday
Southern Utah Canyoneering


Our main objective is a casual, three day backpack of Coyote Gulch in
Escalante. After that, if anyone wants to do technical canyons, I will be
available as long as needed. Coyote Gulch is reputed to be a beautiful hike
down a deep canyon (gulch?) with arches, bridges, and a year-round stream.
Our focus will be more on photography and enjoying the scenery rather than
technical difficulty. I have never done this hike, but I am fairly familiar
with the area. The possibilities for sightseeing, photography, and
canyoneering are extensive. There is no special gear needed for the


If anyone would like to extend the trip and do some canyoneering, standard
canyoneering gear would be needed. Canyoneering experience is not required.
There is a wide range of canyons in the area, from beginner-friendly, to
very serious. Our choices will be decided by the participants. 


If interested contact Tim Hoover: frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com 



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