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CMC Members-

The following outings have just been added to the schedule:
Note: for the complete outings schedule, visit our website (
<http://californiamountaineer.net/> http://californiamountaineer.net/)

May 2nd - 5th Friday- Sunday Alabama Hills

Alabama Hills is a terrific sport climbing area just outside Lone Pine. If
you are unfamiliar with the area, just think of a sport climbing version of
Joshua Tree, but eliminate the crowds and add the Sierras as a backdrop.
Most of the climbs are in the 5.6 to 5.11 range. All the climbs in this area
are very well protected, making it an excellent place to practice leading
while minimizing risk. Contact Tim Hoover: <mailto:frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com>
frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com


May 19th - 24nd Sunday - Friday Trans-Zion Backpack and

The plan is to hike the length of Zion National Park (roughly 45 miles) in
southwest Utah on Sunday through Wednesday. The trans-Zion route takes in
some of the best scenery in the park and provides an excellent overview of
the entire park. On Thursday and Friday we will have the option of
descending a couple classic Zion slot canyons. Contact Tim Hoover:
frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com


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