[CMCEmail] Keep Mountaineering Fees Reasonable on Denali & Rainier - Your Comments Needed!

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Both Denali & Rainier National Parks are set to raise mountaineering fees!

Denali National Park is proposing to raise mountaineering fees by 150% from $200 to $500. Such a high fee at Denali is unnecessary and unfair, and will price American climbers out of their own National Parks! Take Action Now! <http://www.accessfund.org/c.tmL5KhNWLrH/b.5208267/k.8C84/Action_Center/siteapps/advocacy/ActionItem.aspx?c=tmL5KhNWLrH&b=5208267&aid=15196>

Rainier National Park is considering raising moutaineering fees from $30 to $58. Such a high recreational fee must be carefully considered to ensure that a fee increase will not make climbing Rainier too expensive for many Americans. Take Action Now! <http://www.accessfund.org/c.tmL5KhNWLrH/b.5208267/k.8C84/Action_Center/siteapps/advocacy/ActionItem.aspx?c=tmL5KhNWLrH&b=5208267&aid=15197>

The Access Fund, in cooperation with the American Mountain Guides Association and American Alpine Club, have prepared an advocacy strategy to propose ways to cut mountaineering program costs and generate alternative sources of revenue to support the mountaineering programs at both Parks.

Please take a moment to use our easy letter-writing tool to submit your ideas to the National Park Service for how to fund the mountaineering programs at Denali <http://www.accessfund.org/c.tmL5KhNWLrH/b.5208267/k.8C84/Action_Center/siteapps/advocacy/ActionItem.aspx?c=tmL5KhNWLrH&b=5208267&aid=15196> and Rainier <http://www.accessfund.org/c.tmL5KhNWLrH/b.5208267/k.8C84/Action_Center/siteapps/advocacy/ActionItem.aspx?c=tmL5KhNWLrH&b=5208267&aid=15197> by January 31st. <http://www.accessfund.org/action> <http://www.accessfund.org/action> <http://www.accessfund.org/action>


Your Friends at the Access Fund



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