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CMC Fall Membership Meeting

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010 at 6:30pm. Please mark your calendar with this

CMC Fall Membership Meeting:

. CMC member Anne Anglim will present a slide show on her climb of

"A vegetarian goes to Argentina"

As a terrible plane sleeper, I had plenty of meditation time on the looming
task during the long overnight flight to the Southern Hemisphere. My goals
were to drink Malbec wine deemed unsuitable for export, and try to climb
Cerro Aconcagua. I thought that I was a bit short on several items: paid
vacation time, disposable income, and mountaineering know-how for such an
endeavor. Nonetheless, I had set Aconcagua as a seemingly unattainable goal
after finishing the Sierra Club's Wilderness Travel Course in 2007. That
year, I heard the story of a WTC leader who had climbed Aconcagua only a few
years after completing WTC herself. Inspired by such a feat, and in need of
a tangible goal to see me through my 19th mid-life crisis/7th vision quest,
I asked for the time off at work and signed on with International Mountain
Guides (IMG).


Note that this meeting is at the following location:
08837,0.01987&z=15&iwloc=A> Old Spaghetti Factory
110 E. Santa Fe Ave.
Fullerton, California 92832

The restaurant is just north of the 91 freeway, off the Harbor Blvd exit.
Reservations are for 6:30.

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