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It's hell gettin' old! I've had 8 of 11 original sign-ups for a private trip to
the Sierra (over Cottonwood Pass to Big Whitney Meadow) cancel on my, most of
them due to some pretty serious illnesses, either to them or a family member. At
least, that's what they're telling me.

At any rate, that allows me to open it up to the CMC. This is not a serious
hiking/climbing deathmarch into the Sierra. Mind you, one of the guys who has
NOT backed out is 74 years old and is a great guy to be around, but he doesn't
hike like he used to. Therefore, we're just going to hike in about 7 miles to
Big Whitney Meadow where we'll set up a base camp for fishing and climbing.

I want to climb Joe Devel peak, and explore the possibility of going up Corcoran
& LeConte, but mostly, this is just to get into God's country for a few days.

The particulars:
Tuesday 8/31: Drive to the Horse Meadows trailhead and sleep there.
Sept 1: Hike into Big Whitney Meadow and set up base camp
Sept 2-4: Fish, hike, climb, laze around to your heart's content
Sept 5: Hike out and drive home

If interested, please contact me at any of the numbers below. I have 7 spots
available on my 10-person permit.

- Bob Oppermann

Bob Oppermann
Off: 818-597-3040
Cell: 909-633-1800

bobopp1 at yahoo.com
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