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Important Notice to CMC Members

CMC Bylaw proposed changes to be voted upon at the General Meeting on
October 20, 2010. Notice must be given 60 days prior to the meeting in
which the proposals will be voted. The membership must adopt such changes
by majority vote of those attending the meeting.

The proposed changes or additions are in red print and any deletions will be

Article 1, Officers

Section 1.01

The principal office of the Corporation for it's transaction of business is
located in the City of Pasadena and County of Los Angeles, California, or as
provided in Section 1.02 below.

(Section 1.02 grants the Board the power to change the principal office of
the Corporation from one location to another in California.)

Article III, Members

Section 3.01

There will be four classes of membership: Provisional, Regular, Honorary and
Charter. Each Regular and Charter member shall have equal voting and other
rights. No person shall hold more than one type of membership in the

Section 3.04

Persons qualified for Provisional Membership are those who support the
purposes of the club, who pay the annual dues, who have had experience
climbing on rock and snow, who submit an application, application, annual
dues and signed wavier waiver to the Club Secretary, and who are approved by
a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Provisional Members are eligible
to participate in all Club outings. as long as the Provisional Member is
accompanied by an Regular, Charter, or Honorary Member, Provisional Members
are entitled to vote in Club Elections.

Section 3.05 Line 3

Spelling error: weather should be whether.

Section 3.09

Any person, eligible for membership under Section 3.02 of these Bylaws and
qualified for membership under Section 3.03 through 3.08 of these Bylaws
shall be admitted to membership only on the approval of a majority vote of
the Board of Directors of an application submitted by such person in such
form and in such manner as shall be prescribed by the Board Of Directors and
on payment of the application fee as specified in Section 3.10 of these
Bylaws and the first annual dues as specified in Section 3.11 of these

Section 3.15

Add comma after "shall not" and delete the comma after "solely.

Section 3.16 (a)

(2) The expiration of a member is issued for a period of time;

(6) The determination by the Board of Directors that the member has
behaved in a manner which is unsafe, irresponsible, which in the opinion of
the Board of Directors, shows that the member had not accepted personal
responsibility for his or her own safety during Club outings, or which, in
the opinion of the Board of Directors, shows that the member had not assumed
all risks and accepted full responsibility for any and all damages or
personal injury of any kind, including death, arising out of Club
activities, subject to the limitations set forth in Section 3.16 ( c ) of
these bylaws.

Article V, Directors

Section 5.03

Delete the quotation marks at the beginning and end of this section and add
a period after the final word in this section

Section 5.07 (a)

Delete the semicolon after the word "hours" on line 3.

Section 5.07 (b)

Renumber this subsection as (b) (1)

All meetings of the Board shall be held at the principal office of the
Corporation as specified in Section 1.01 of these Bylaws or as changed from
time to time as provided in Section 1.02 of these Bylaws. at any location
agreed to by a majority of the Board of Directors.

Add new subsection (b) (2)

The Board may, from time to time and upon unanimous consent, conduct board
meetings by telephone conference call, video-conferencing, or other similar
method, subject to all other notice and procedural requirements for board
meetings specified in these Bylaws. To conduct such meetings, each
participating board member, and any other attendee, must be able to hear
every other member or attendee.

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