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Technically, they are due in October. However, there has always been a
short grace period after October, for those who send their check in late.

Joe White

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When are the dues due?

Keith Martin

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California Mountaineering Club

2010 Dues Notice

Send Dues to:

Terry Flood, Secretary

4008 Garfield Street

Carlsbad, CA 92008

terryjflood at gmail.com

Annual Dues for 2010: $20.00, please make checks payable to California
Mountaineering Club.

Note: For households with two members that would like to receive only one
newsletter, the annual dues are $30.00. Check this box for that option [ ]
and submit a check for $30.00.


Please correct my contact information as shown below:




Phone (H)______________________________(W)______________________________

Email address____________________________________________________________

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