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Update: James Russell and I climbed the east ridge of Mt. Russell yesterday (October 4) in about 14 hours car-to-car. This goes to show two things. First, and most obviously, climbing a mountain with someone whose last name is identical to the mountain's name is a recipe for success. Second, the CMC email list really works!

Sam Page

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Fellow CMC members:

I am planning on climbing the east ridge of Mt. Russell on Sunday, October 4. Let me know if you are interested. I will drive up on Saturday and spend the night in Lone Pine, Whitney Portal, or somewhere nearby. I will start hiking by the light of the full moon in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday. Then I'll drive back to SoCal that night.

Note: this is not a guided or beginner's-level trip. You should be self-sufficient on all aspects of this trip, including routefinding and scrambling unroped on exposed third class terrain at 14,000 feet.

Sam Page
jsamuelpage at earthlink.net


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