[CMCEmail] Your Pics Needed for the "2009 Year-In-Review" Photo Contest!!

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Climbers and Climbettes!
The First Ever (in a long time anyways...) CMC "Year In Review Photo Contest" is on! We would like to see your most interesting pictures from CMC trips in 2009, and the best of these will be published in the next Newsletter, in January of 2010.  Our esteemed panel of judges, the CMC Board of Directors, will decide who's pics are Best in Show, and Cash Prizes will be awarded to the winners (CMC Directors may submit photos, but are exempt from winning any Cash Prizes).

To submit a photo in the Contest, please adhere to the these simple guidelines:
1. Tell us that the Photo took place on a 2009 CMC Trip (we're on the Honor System here)
2. Identify Photo:
   a. Date of Trip
   b. Place of Trip
   c. Who/What is in the Photo. Please try to identify as many CMC Members as you can, and if you can, let us know what we're looking at in those lovely vistas.
   d. Name of Photographer. Presumably that's you, but you might want to submit a favorite photo of yours that somebody else took. Just make sure that you have their permission (you know, silly things like Copyright laws...).
3. Email photo to Bob Oppermann at bobopp1 at yahoo.com Deadline to receive photos for inclusion in the Contest is December 16th at 10:00pm.
4. Prize Money to be as follows:
    1st Place = $50.00
    2nd Place = $30.00
    3rd Place = $20.00

I know that we have a lot of talented photographers in the CMC, so there should be no shortage of quality photographs for us to choose from. But even more importantly, this Contest will allow the Members of the CMC to rekindle some of the adventures that they shared with their friends in the CMC this past year. And isn't that what it's all about?!
I look forward to receiving your photos soon.
- Bob Oppermann

Bob Oppermann
CED Training Dept
Off: 818-597-3040
Cell: 909-633-1800
Main Fax: 818-597-3120
E-FAX: 909-912-8257
bobopp1 at yahoo.com

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