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CMC Members -

A reminder about the changes that took place last year in the club policies
that make it easier (that's right EASIER!) to get outings approved and out
to club members. Previously, a trip leader had to wait for the next
newsletter to be published before a new trip could be announced. In some
cases this might result in a 2-3 month wait before a trip would be announced
- not good if your outing is in 3 weeks!

Here's how the new procedures work:

1. You come up with an idea for a trip (this is the hard part)
2. Send the trip announcement to me via email (rsnorton473 at yahoo.com)
3. I will submit to Board of Directors for approval (should take no more
than a few days)
4. After approval, the outing will be posted on our website and distributed
to members via the email listserve.
5. Outing will be published in the next newsletter.

So if you have an idea for a Spring or Summer trip - send it to me and we'll
get it approved and out to our club members in short order.



Ron Norton
CMC Outings Coordinator

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