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CMC Members-   

The following outing has just been added to the schedule:
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May 22nd - May 25th             Friday - Monday                     Mount Shasta/Shastina - Ski Mountaineering


Looking for some mountaineers, that also backcountry ski or snowboard, interested in a Spring outing on Mount Shasta.  While the crowds on Shasta on Memorial Day weekend can get a bit ridiculous, this trip would seek to avoid them for the most part and harvest some Spring corn.  The tentative plan is to approach into Hidden Valley on Friday from Bunny Flat <https://www.shastaavalanche.org/trailhead/bunny-flat> .  Saturday would be an ascent of Shastina likely by Cascade Gulch <https://www.summitpost.org/cascade-gulch/159272>  route, followed by a ski/board descent back to camp.  Sunday would be an ascent of West Face Gully (Summitpost <https://www.summitpost.org/west-face-gully/158282>  and ShastaAvalanche.org <https://www.shastaavalanche.org/general-route-description/west-face> ), followed by a ski/board descent back to camp.  Monday would be the trek back to Bunny Flat and the drive home.  Minimum gear will be ice axes, crampons, avalanche gear, and AT skis/splitboards.  A Shasta summit pass purchase is required, $25 for a 3-day period or $30 for the entire season.  


Send an email with experience/conditioning to jakecattleco at yahoo.com <mailto:jakecattleco at yahoo.com> . 




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