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CMC Members-   

The following outing has just been added to the schedule:
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August 20th- 23rd                     Tuesday - Friday
Grand Canyon of the Toulumne


This is a four-day backpack through the Grand Canyon of the Toulumne in
Yosemite NP. We will take four days to hike roughly 30 miles through the
GCT. I have never done this hike, so I can't say for sure how difficult it
will be. However, the beta sounds pretty straightforward and the difficulty
about what one might expect of a hike of this length in Yosemite. The worst
part of the standard hike is the ascent required to exit on the final day
which is long and steep, though not technical.


Depending on water and weather conditions, qualified participants may elect
to descend the Muir Gorge on day 2. The Muir Gorge is a one-day canyon
descent that is bypassed by the normal GCT hike (though the two routes
rejoin after the gorge). Anyone interested in descending the Muir Gorge
needs to be competent in unprotected downclimbing with significant
consequences for errors or accidents around moving water.


Quote from the beta: ". the canyon should be given respect as the location
is very remote, the downclimbing stiff and the penalties quite high for
errors. Don't let the rating fool you, do not enter this canyon without
previous class C technical canyoneering experience."


Those not wishing to descend the gorge will take the usual bypass hike.
Actually, depending on conditions, we may all be taking the bypass route.


Anyone wishing to attend will obviously need to be in condition to do the
hike. Anyone wishing to attempt the gorge will need the trip leader's


If interested contact Tim Hoover:  <mailto:frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com>
frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com 



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