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CMC Members-   

The following outing has just been added to the schedule:
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Late April/Early May                  8+/- Days                  Escalante
River Float Trip - Utah


The Escalante River flows through beautiful and remote backcountry in
southcentral Utah. We will do a float trip from just south of the town of
Boulder, Utah roughly to Lake Powell. I have never done this trip before so
I can't guarantee what conditions we will encounter. However, I am expecting
the major potential obstacle to be a lack of water in the river. That is why
I have only provided a vague timeframe for this trip. We will be dependent
on river conditions which are in turn a function of the spring runoff. Most
years there is not enough water to make this trip feasible, but it looks
like a big snow season this year so we may have a rare opportunity for a
great adventure. If all goes well, I am anticipating a very nice, fairly
relaxed trip through some beautiful canyon country. If all does not go well,
we may be carrying our boats for some sections, though still through
beautiful scenery.


Beyond any river issues, the big challenge may be the entrance and exit
hikes. Under ideal conditions we may be able to put in right off the road
and have no entrance hike at all. If not, the entrance hike is roughly 10
miles across the desert. I may be able to arrange a boat to meet us at Lake
Powell. If so, the exit will be up Hole in the Wall. If not we will exit a
little earlier and hike out Crack in the Wall. Both exits are fairly short
but strenuous, especially when carrying all our gear. 


Due to the nature of the entrance and exit hikes, the only reasonable boats
for our trip are packrafts. These may be rented in St George (that's my


So how long will this take? I honestly don't know. My best guess is about 8
days but it may take a bit longer depending on conditions and how much
additional exploration people are interested in doing. The trip is roughly
70 miles so I doubt we'll finish much faster than 8 days.


Participants should be prepared for a wide range of conditions depending on
flow conditions.  

Experience packrafting useful but not required.  Participants will need to
be flexible both in timing and trip duration. They will also need to be
prepared to spend 8 days or so completely isolated and unsupported. An
ability to schlep modestly heavy packs up steep but easy slopes is also


If interested contact Tim Hoover:  <mailto:frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com>
frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com 



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