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The following outing has just been added to the schedule:
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October 21st - 28th             Saturday - Sunday           Zion
Canyoneering and Photography


Late October should be a fine time for fall color in Zion. I will be in
southern Utah and will be available to do canyons any time during that
interval. The canyons we do will be selected for their beauty and the
presence of foliage turning color. Not many canyons have enough vegetation
to be influenced by the change of seasons, but some do. This is a chance to
share an insider's knowledge of the timing and locations of the most
dramatic fall color canyon scenes in the park. My intention is to do very
leisurely descents, focusing as much on photography as the actual
canyoneering. So, if you have some free time at the end of October, please
feel free to join me whenever it's convenient and for however long you would
like. This should be a great opportunity for anyone who has wanted to
capture the beauty of slot canyons through photography.


Naturally, an interest in photography is not required, but patience with me
is. Participants should be comfortable rappelling and down-climbing modest
but unprotected drops. Canyoneering experience is not required, but required
gear includes a helmet, and personal rappelling gear. A wetsuit is optional,
but recommended. All gear can be rented, if needed, in Springdale, just
outside Zion.


If interested contact Tim Hoover: frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com 




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