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CMC Members - 

Climbing skills, and lead climbing practice in the Alabama Hills next week!
Contact Tim Hoover at frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com to find out more information
about this outing.



September 22nd - 23rd        Saturday - Sunday       Climbing Skills, Lead
Climbing Practice, Alabama Hills


Oh boy, another chance to practice (learn?) some basic rope skills. We will
review and practice some of the basic skills that a climber requires to be
safe on the rock; skills like tieing off a rappel device, ascending a rope,
passing a knot, and others.


We will also review and practice important aspects of leading. I am aiming
this practice to anyone from a raw novice to a seasoned veteran who just
wants a little refresher in the basics.  We will spend the first part of
each day discussing techniques and issues and the bulk of the day practicing
skills and taking turns leading moderate climbs. Our focus will be on
safety, developing good habits, and how to progress to harder leads.


Routes at the Alabama Hills tend to be very well protected and offer a
variety of climbing options from sport to trad. If you would just like to
climb and not participate in the skills refresher, that's fine too. We can
all still get together and tell climbing lies around the campfire at night.


This trip is open to anyone regardless of skill or experience. Standard
personal gear, including harness and helmet are required.


If interested contact Tim Hoover: frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com 



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