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The following outing has just been added to the schedule:
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October 19th - 21st, 2018          Friday - Sunday         Badwater to
Whitney Portal/Overnight Bike Ride


It all started one day, when a group of us were sitting at the Meysan Lakes
Trailhead. We had just come out from a successful climb of Irvine Peak, and
were sipping some celebratory beers, when a group of cyclists struggled past
us, on their way to Whitney Portal. Being the nice guys that we are, we gave
them some sarcastic encouragement, basically gloating that we were all done,
but they were not! Well, now some of us do a fair bit of cycling, and that
looks to be one heck of a climb! So, here goes.


I propose an overnight road bike ride from Badwater, Death Valley (elev
-272') to Whitney Portal (elev 8365'). Details are to be determined, but it
would definitely be a two-day ride, overnighting in either Olancha or Lone
Pine. (There is a 17-mile difference, the longer route going through
Olancha. In either case, the total Vertical Gain exceeds 15,500'.) There
would also be an option for the ultimate Lowest/Highest scenario, and
hike/climb Mt Whitney the following day(s). It could be another two days,
going up the Whitney Trail, or another 3-4 days, going up the Mountaineers'


Mid-to-late October is probably the best time for cycling, temperature-wise
anyways, though I don't know about wind. At any rate, this is just a
proposal to get a discussion going, and gauge the interest factor. A few of
us have been discussing this for years now, so best to finally get it out
there. (I think that a group of 6-8 would be ideal.)


Total ride distance/gain by way of Lone Pine: 138 miles, and 15,440' gain.

Total ride distance/gain by way of Olancha: 155 miles, and 15,850' gain.


If you have any interest/ideas, please contact Bob Oppermann (
<mailto:bobopp1 at yahoo.com> bobopp1 at yahoo.com). 




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