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The following outing has just been added to the schedule:
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September 3rd - 5th                     Saturday-Monday
Arc Dome + others (Nevada)


Arc Dome (11,778 ft.) is the highest mountain of the Toiyabe Range located
in Northwestern Nevada. The peak has over 5,000 ft of prominence and is a
"must do" on many mountaineering lists. Since the drive to the middle of
nowhere is quite far, I have decided to break up the trip into three parts,
with the main objective being Arc Dome.


Day 1 (Optional): Since this drive is pretty long, I will hike in the
Sweetwater Mountains (half way when driving from Bay Area). I would camp at
Lobdell Lake the night before, and climb Mt Patterson and Mt Wheeler on
Saturday. This is 14mi RT, with 3700 ft of gain.


Day 2: Camp at Columbine Campground or BLM land the night before. With an
early start, I plan to dayhike up the north side of the peak. This is 14mi
RT, with over 5,000 ft of gain! I plan to camp in the same spot later that


Day 3: (Optional): With a long drive, some may want to get an early start
back. I plan to lead a "shorter" outing up Bunker Hill. This "P2K" would be
a seven mile loop requiring open cross country hiking. Gaiters or long pants


Contact Sean Casserly: casserly79 at gmail.com 


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