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CMC Members-

The following outing has just been added to the schedule:
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October 1st - 2nd                     Saturday-Sunday                  Lead
Climbing Practice, Alabama Hills


If you're a climber looking to start leading or one that would like a bit
more practice in a safe(ish) and supportive environment, come join us for a
group leading discussion at Alabama Hills. I am aiming this practice to
anyone from a raw novice who has never led up to people who are comfortable
leading moderate, say 5.8ish climbs. We will spend the first part of each
day discussing leading considerations and the bulk of the day taking turns
leading moderate climbs. Our focus will be on safety, developing good
habits, and how to progress to harder leads.

The Alabama Hills provide a good environment for this sort of practice as
the routes are very well protected and offer a variety of climbing options
from sport to trad. If anyone would like to stay an extra day to either
practice or just climb, I will be staying through Monday.


This trip is open to anyone regardless of skill or experience. Standard
personal gear, including harness and helmet are required.  If interested
contact Tim Hoover: frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com 




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