[CMCEmail] Climbing Merced and Red Peaks on a slow paced hike

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September 8-12    Tuesday - Friday    Merced and Red Peaks on a slow backpack
While many of you can probably day hike these two peaks, I am going to do them at a slow pace. (I was going to do it as a private trip, but the person I was going to do it with is going to have to work. So I am tossing it open to the CMC) We will go in from the Quartz Mountain Trailhead over Chiquito pass and hike as follows:
08-Sep-15   Tue   Hike Chiquito Pass TH to S Fork Merced River(5.6 miles)

09-Sep-15   Wed  Hike S Fork Merced River to Lower Ottoway Lake(6.6 miles)

10-Sep-15   Thu  Climb Merced, Ottoway and Red Peaks (6.2miles, 3150’ gain & loss)

11-Sep-15   Fri    Hike out as far as Given Creek or GravellyFord

12-Sep-15   Sat   Hikeout    

If you are a hotshot hiker, this isn't the trip for you. But if you like to do a more leisurely saunter, this could be a good trip for you. Contact Rob at  (mctrob at Yahoo dot com).
Leader/Organizer: Rob Langsdorf
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