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What about going up Mill Creek towards the jump off?
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Many of use the San Gorgonio Wilderness to recreate and train in. The CMC designated the San Gorgonio Wilderness Association (SGWA) as a "Partner", and we make a token contribution to the SGWA each year.   
 A couple of CMC members also volunteer there. This is the latest update that I received, today July 7th. (The Cliff Notes version is, it'll be closed for a long time...).  
Bob O.   
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   Subject:    SGWA update - 6/21/2015   
   Weekly report 7/7/15   
   So as it stands now as of 12 noon on 7/7/15    
   BIG FALLS has been open since last Thursday and will remain open.  We  had many wonderful volunteers working there all three days over the holiday weekend, each day they saw around 800 visitors.  Volunteers were at the trailhead for Vivian making sure people were aware they could not go up the trail into the wilderness.  Volunteers made sure the no charcoal or fire regulations were adhered to. They also helped people at the falls area navigate the trail and boulders – Because of the number of volunteers and law enforcement one person fell at the falls.  Thanks to everyone who worked there, we will continue to need help for the next month.    
   THE WILDERNESS AND WILDERNESS TRAILS WILL REMAIN CLOSED FOR AN UNDETERMINED TIME..  SGWA will be involved with all trail projects, including monitoring, patrolling and restoration.  WE DO NOT KNOW WHEN THIS WILL START AS THERE ARE STILL MANY SAFETY ISSUES IN THE BURN AREA.  ITS STILL BURNING.  Reports from the BAER team say that Lost Creek /Grinell took  the hardest hit.  South Fork is bad as is Dollar Lake.  Red Rock Flats hit hard but most of the ridge  is ok.  Aspen Grove and Fish Creek is also burned (I wasn’t clear how badly)  Many of you saw the report in the newspaper.  There appear to be areas in the burn that were not affected.  I did hear green shoots of grass and fern coming up – Nature is amazing.   
   HWY 38 AND BARTON FLATS VISITOR CENTER - The biggest threat now is flooding.  Just the little rain that came down yesterday caused flooding on Hwy 38 by South Fork campground.  .  This is  the reason they have not opened the Campgrounds along hwy 38 (they MAY open July 9, )  When they open the campgrounds on hwy 38 we will open Barton Flats Visitor Center and start the Greyback programs again.   
   TULAKES – JENKS LAKE ROAD - They are  concerned the camps in the Jenks Lake Road Area are in danger of flash floods if there is sustained rain.  Its not just the water they are concerned with its mud rocks and debris.  There has been no date proposed to open Jenks Lake Road.   

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