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Where: Malibu Creek State Park <http://www.mountainproject.com/v/malibu-creek-state-park/105870845> 
When:  Saturday, Oct 4
Details: Let's keep Malibu Creek State Park <http://www.mountainproject.com/v/malibu-creek-state-park/105870845>  beautiful! We'll hike in, put on rubber gloves, and fill garbage bags. Rubber gloves and trash bags will be provided. Following the trash clean up we'll have a prize drawing. Proceeds go to the Access Fund <http://www.accessfund.org/site/c.tmL5KhNWLrH/b.4861253/k.BDBB/Home.htm>  to ensure our favorite climbing areas remain open. Afterward some folks may stay to top rope at Planet of the Apes rock wall.

Please RSVP HERE <http://www.meetup.com/socalclimbing/events/204758502/> 

Every hour of time you donate to a crag helps show land managers that climbers are responsible stewards. Grab some friends and a pair of work gloves and spend a day giving back to the sport you love! We hope to  see you there.

Thanks for your support,

Ty Tyler
Stewardship Director
Access Fund

The Adopt a Crag program is brought to you by:

  <https://www.kintera.com/accounttempfiles/account401621/images/clif_bar.jpg>            <https://www.kintera.com/accounttempfiles/account401621/images/rei_logo.gif> 

Find us on...

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