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The sun is getting lower in the sky, the days are getting shorter, the temps are getting crisper and all that means is a great fall climbing season is nearly upon us.  To celebrate, check out the full tilt event schedule coming your way below!  There are events of all shapes and sizes happening in every corner worth climbing in from Pinecrest to Pinnacles, Yosemite to Joshua Tree.  

Next week we will announce the final details and open up registration for the 2014 FALL HIGHBALL CRAGGIN CLASSIC held in Bishop, CA November 7-9.  This years event will feature films and stewardship and parties and beer and high-fives and raffles and silent auctions and guest speakers and vendor villages and some very special climbing clinics taught by some very special individuals.  LOOK FOR THAT EMAIL NEXT WEEK, BUT MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW!


Jeff Deikis
Western Regional Manager





Pinecrest, CA  A yearly event for AAC members and their guests, the Pinecrest Climb-In takes place on the Gianelli Edges -- granite crags 3,000 feet above Pinecrest Lake, California. Join us for a fantastic weekend of climbing and Saturday evening BBQ. We climb at the Edges most of Saturday and later enjoy a BBQ and socializing from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. For Sunday climbing, the group can decide either to return to the Saturday area and climb at Roches, or head over to the Sonora Pass area and enjoy a beautiful view and interesting climbs in the area. Others may seek out crags in the Highway 108 corridor. Check out the possibilities in Brad Young’s guidebook, “A Climber’s Guide To The Sonora Pass Highway,” or log onto  <http://americanalpineclub.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=60afa02764806293a37aacfda&id=a0a9aa663a&e=0ef367c907> www.sonorapassclimb​ing.com

REGISTER NOW:  <http://americanalpineclub.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=60afa02764806293a37aacfda&id=167867d015&e=0ef367c907> http://pinecrest2014.bpt.me
ONLINE WAIVER:  <http://americanalpineclub.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=60afa02764806293a37aacfda&id=550b7e8876&e=0ef367c907> http://goo.gl/rXIiKv

If Camping: $20 per person if AAC member/$25 per person if not AAC member. This covers two night’s camping plus BBQ. We will reserve and pay for Friday and Saturday night campsites. If not camping and just coming to climb and attend the BBQ: $10 per person if AAC member/$15 per person if not AAC member.  

Would LOVE to have some Volunteers to help prep and clean up at the Saturday Evening BBQ… and for any other questions, please contact Kristin Nute  <mailto:knute at igc.org?subject=Volunteer%20at%20Pinecrest%202014> knute at igc.org




Yosemite National Park, CA The American Alpine Club Western Region will be participating in full force for this years Yosemite Facelift. The Facelift will start with an evening program at 6:30 p.m. on September 23rd, 2014 and will end on September 28th, 2014.  There will be evening slideshows, entertainment, live music, and beer provided by New Belgium Brewing Co.

  <https://gallery.mailchimp.com/60afa02764806293a37aacfda/images/31734fcd-ca2b-4cd8-a05b-8b2aff3e5c7b.jpg> The AAC has space for 12 volunteers who will be provided free camping, firewood, and beers in our sites at the Upper Pines Campground.  We are situated in sites #56 and #93 with our friends at the Access Fund.  This event is free to attend.

IMPORTANT: All AAC volunteers will be asked to man the AAC booth for at least one 4 hour shift during the event.  You can sign up for a shift when you arrive at the site.

SUPER IMPORTANT: Preference will be given to volunteers who can stay for the full length of the event.  Please consider your commitment to attending this event before registering--it will fill up fast.  Please do not take save a space now, only to bail the week before the event as this has been a HUGE a problem in the past.  ONLY REGISTER IF YOU ARE 100% COMING!

REGISTRATION:  <http://americanalpineclub.us1.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=60afa02764806293a37aacfda&id=1fd94c6337&e=0ef367c907> http://aacfacelift2014.bpt.me





Joshua Tree, CA Mark your calendars for the kickoff event of the Fall climbing season in JTree… Climb Smart 2014. A benefit for Friends Of Joshua Tree as well as JOSAR, this gathering at the Joshua Tree Astronomy Arts Theater and various venues in and outside of the Park is simply an awesome way to sharpen your trad skills, meet some amazing climbers, get to win piles of swag, give back to the Park and just have fun with loads of new climbers.

REGISTRATION:  <http://americanalpineclub.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=60afa02764806293a37aacfda&id=34c96a35ad&e=0ef367c907> CLIMB SMART 2014
MORE INFO:  <http://americanalpineclub.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=60afa02764806293a37aacfda&id=3b94525bd0&e=0ef367c907> FRIENDS OF JOSH




Oakdale, CA  The history of climbing told by climbers. Featuring films, authors, artists and more.  Topic for the 2014 festival, A Woman’s Reach - Adventures in a Parallel Realm.  Speakers include: Beth Rodden, Madaleine Sorkin, Heidi Wirtz, Pamela Shanti Pack and Mayan Smith-Gobat, Audrey Salkeld, Jan Sacherer, Arlene Blum, Irene Beardsley, Janie Taylor, Elaine Mathews, Cherry Schacher (Merritt), Rosie Andrews, Jill Lawrence, Annie Whitehouse, Kitty Calhoun, Maria Cranor, Mari Gingery, Beth Bennett, Carla Firey, Ellie Hawkins, Sibylle Hechtel, Barb Eastman-Kimbrough, Sally Moser, and Beth Wald.

REGISTRATION & INFO:  <http://americanalpineclub.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=60afa02764806293a37aacfda&id=3a54012f78&e=0ef367c907> OAKDALE CLIMBERS FEST





Paicines, CA  Join us for another action packed weekend of teamwork and fun at the 2nd Annual Pinnacles Climber Appreciation Weekend in Pinnacles National Park!  FREE Park Admission, FREE Camping, FREE Climbing, FREE T-Shirt, FREE Sat night BBQ & Entertainment w/ AWESOME Gear Raffle & Auction!

REGISTER NOW:  <http://americanalpineclub.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=60afa02764806293a37aacfda&id=a90920cf14&e=0ef367c907> PINNS 2014

For the stewardship volunteer work, this year we will define preferred pathways and eliminate "social trails" leading to the Upper Crust and also Pipsqueak Pinnacle and the Unmentionable.  Teams will further the excellent work started last year at Tourist Trap, Discovery Wall and Teaching Rock too.




Bishop, CA  Join the AAC and CAMP USA in the annual Eastside climbing festival, the Fall Highball Craggin' Classic happening in Bishop, CA on November 7-9.  Details are forthcoming but MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 

  <https://gallery.mailchimp.com/60afa02764806293a37aacfda/images/0f7ae85e-a178-4a9b-94b4-4de30659c5a6.jpg> This year's event will be one to remember complete with an Eastside showing of Valley Uprising, a stewardship event in the Buttermilks with a volunteer breakfast, a special guest speaker, vendor village, party, climbing clinics, an inordinate amount of beer from New Belgium Brewing, silent auctions with top-shelf gear and a bad-ass raffle, to boot.

Registration opens next week (look for that email) and we look forward to climbing and partying with you this November!

A united community of competent climbers and healthy climbing landscapes.

 <http://americanalpineclub.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=60afa02764806293a37aacfda&id=52115b9428&e=0ef367c907> Visit the Southwest Section Page   <mailto:southwest at americanalpineclub.org> Email the Southwest Section   <http://americanalpineclub.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=60afa02764806293a37aacfda&id=dce563e81a&e=0ef367c907> Benefits in the Western Region   <http://us1.forward-to-friend.com/forward?u=60afa02764806293a37aacfda&id=75b01f0325&e=0ef367c907> Forward to Friend 

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