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The following outing has just been added to the schedule:
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October 5th                                Sunday
Mt Adams Day Hike (Washington)

Start at the Cold Springs Campground (5,600') and hike up the South Climb
Trail #183. This trail is very easy to follow and will take you to the
Crescent Glacier where the route gets slightly more interesting. To the west
are numerous rock shelters for setting up camp before Lunch Counter,
however, most people will continue on by ascending the ridge to the west and
crossing the glacier east across to "Lunch Counter" at about 9,250' which is
at the base of the main part of the South Climb, or Suksdorf Ridge at 9,400.
Once you reach Piker's Peak at 11,657', aka the false summit, continue north
to the true summit at 12,276'. While its easy to do the round-trip in a day,
many may want to spend a night at "Lunch Counter" or earlier where there are
many walled rock shelters have been built. I plan on flying into PDX on
Saturday and would like to attempt this as a day hike. I will probably
reserve a rental and we can split the cost.

LEADER/ORGANIZER:  Sean Casserly casserly79 at gmail.com

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