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CMC Members-

The following outing(s) have just been added to the schedule:
Note: for the complete outings schedule, visit our website (
<http://californiamountaineer.net/> http://californiamountaineer.net/)

February 23-25 (Sunday-Tuesday) - Bryce Canyon

Bryce National Park is beautiful. Most people are familiar with the
spectacular photographs taken from the rim. However, the view from these
couple of overlooks is all that most people ever see of the park. Come join
me as we hike the entire length of Bryce Canyon. This will not only provide
a closeup view of the well known areas of the park, it will also allow
exploration of areas that are not visible from the road.

The hike is not very long, maybe 25 to 30 miles, but the conditions will be
unknown at this time of year. About all that is known is that it will be
cold, probably in the low teens or colder at night, and snow covered. How
deep will the snow be? Will it be clear and warm or cloudy and snowing
during the day? No way to tell.

This trip is open to any member of the CMC who is prepared for winter
camping and potentially snowy hiking. For details contact Tim Hoover at
frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com.

LEADER: Tim Hoover

February 26 - March 1 (Wednesday-Saturday) - Southern Utah Canyoneering

Come beat the crowds and join me for wintertime canyoneering in southern
Utah. The canyons we descend will depend on the weather and the skills and
interest of the participants. The plan will be to concentrate on Zion
National Park, but we will have the option of going to other areas if needed
or desired. Participants need to be in good physical shape, and be
comfortable rapelling and moderate unprotected downclimbing. Previous
canyoneering experience is not required. Required equipment includes
helmets, harnesses, daypacks, and wetsuits (or drysuits). Gear, including
wetsuits and drysuits, can be rented just outside the park at Zion Adventure
Company, if needed. For details contact Tim Hoover at
frisbeedog02 at yahoo.com.

LEADER: Tim Hoover

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