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A similar thing happened about 8 years ago. Remember?

I think he probably slipped on ice from the steeper sections. I don't know how far he fell but I learned from reports that his body was discovered before 11 am. He was a very early hiker and there weren't very many people up that high yet. There were no witnesses to this accident. He had visible head trauma, a terribly broken leg, and a great deal of blood loss. An ice ax was not found with him, although he could have lost it along the way. With that much blood loss, he died after he stopped rolling. If he had been with a companion, he may have had a chance.


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Tragedy on Mount Baldy
It appears a man has fallen to his death while climbing Baldy Bowl Sunday 1/20/13, though no details on this seem to be available yet due to MLK day and Lytle Creek Ranger station is closed Tuesdays.


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