[CMCEmail] Outings Reminder

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Wed Feb 13 19:17:23 EST 2013

Fellow CMCers,

Jan Lorenzen had 9 people join her for a fun Goat Canyon Trestle Trek. I
missed this one, I was with some friends up by Whitney climbing Thor; not a
bad 2 day winter trip to consider.

This weekend (Friday - Sunday) we have complementary trips to J Tree with
Terry and Henry leading some moderate hikes in the Cottonwood Mountains and
Ron Norton has organized an Indian Cove rock climbing weekend. Join one or
the other or split your time.... but get out and have some fun with the

Also the Winter Membership Outing is just around the corner on March 16th,
if you need to practice your winter skills Joe White and Tom Ritchie will be
there to lend you a hand.

Berg Heil
Tom Sexton
tjsexton at socal.rr.com

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