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A special thank you to all the people who are taking their time to lead
trips and make the club a better, safer climbing organization.

Again, we can always send a trip out via the list-serv so if you were maybe,
sort-of, kinda thinking about it. you can still do it.


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CMC Members-

The following outing has just been added to the schedule:
Note: for the complete outings schedule, visit our website (
<http://californiamountaineer.net/> http://californiamountaineer.net/)

July 13-15 Friday-Sunday
Harrington & Kennedy

Mountains, Harrington (11,009') & Kennedy (11,433'). Two SPS peaks out of
Cedar Grove, Kings Canyon NP. Backpack in Friday, (7-8 mi, ~3300' gain).
Saturday climb Harrington (8-9 mi roundtrip, 2200' gain, including some
exposed class 3; see summitpost.org and climber.org for photos and
write-ups). Climb Kennedy Mountain (class 1, 10 mi roundtrip, 2600' gain)
Sunday morning and pack out.

Leader/Organizer: Asher Waxman, Asst: Henry Arnebold.

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