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Sun Sep 12 00:10:35 EDT 2010

Greetings CMC'ers!

Just a reminder that we'll be needing your final drafts & photo's of all the
events that you've gone on this past Summer. Please send all Trip Reports and/or
Photographs to Trang at doantrangtran at gmail.com . Additionally, don't forget
that the Second Annual CMC Photo Contest will take place in December, so start
sorting through your 2010 CMC photo's for your winners! At stake are REI Gift
Cards of $50, $30, and $20 for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, respectively. (At least
those are the amounts that are supposed to be paid out...).

We look forward to reading/seeing all about your latest adventures!
- Bob Oppermann
  NewsLetter Guy
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