[CMCEmail] Sheets of Ice Block Tioga Opening

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ga-opening> of Ice Block Tioga Opening

Thick sheets of ice on Olmsted Point in Yosemite means Tioga Pass will
remain closed for the Memorial Day holiday. The olmsted_point

Eastern Sierra always pushes to have the pass open since it is the
passageway for tourists to the Eastside from the Westside.

Yosemite Ranger Scott Gediman said that crews did actually plow the whole
way through Tioga Road, but avalanche concerns at Olmsted Point have blocked
the official opening. Gediman said crews have used charcoal to melt the ice
and dynamite to blast it away, but he said all of the ice must slide off
before conditions are safe.

The Park Service will open Glacier Point Road by Friday. That's the road
into the Park off Highway 41. It goes into the center of Yosemite from the
south entrance to spectacular views of Yosemite Valley.

Asked when the Park believes Tioga will fully open. Gediman said with the
unpredictability of weather this spring, no one really knows. He said they
do expect more snow this week. As soon as conditions warm up, an open road
becomes more likely. Meanwhile, Gediman said the Park Service will continue
to work aggressively to make conditions ready. He said they are disappointed
in this news. So are Inyo-Mono businesses which gain more holiday trade when
the Pass Road opens.

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