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Hi everyone,

Due to an aggravating knee injury, Jan L. will be stepping down as trip
leader for her CMC 9 Peaks - San Gorgonio outing. So, rather than cancel,
I've decided to take over as trip leader.

Jan's trip (below) was originally scheduled as a LONG day hike, with a
Sunday morning start time of 1:00am (yikes!). I've decided to change it up
a little and do the trip over two days, July 10-11 (Saturday and Sunday).
The objectives (26 miles - 9 peaks!) and the trailhead entry and exit
locations will be same, but with a 9:00am start time, on Saturday morning.
On Saturday, after the car shuttle, the plan will be to hike in 8+/- miles
to the ridge near San Bernardino Peak (10,000'+). We will spend the night
there. On Sunday, we will continue on and exit out the Vivian Creek trail.

The key for this trip will be going fast and light - share a stove/pot, no
tents, just bring the minimum to get by. We will be dropping the packs at
the base of each peak.

If anyone has interest in participating on this outing, please email me
directly at josephlwhite at earthlink.net, for more details.

Joe White


July 10th Saturday
9 Peaks - San Gorgonio

We will start at Angeles Oaks and end at Vivian Creed Trailhead. The 9
peaks are along the ridge:

San Bernardino Peak (10,624), East San Bernardino Peak (10,691), Anderson
(10,864), Shields (10,701), Alto Diablo (10,430), Charlton Peak (10,806),
Little Charlton (10,676), Jepson Peak (11,205) and San Gorgonio (11,499).
Overall, ~26 miles with ~8K gain/loss. I almost forgot....we will be
starting around 1:00ish AM.


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