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Hi everyone,

Membership in the CMC just got better!

You may, or may not know, that CMC provides free campsites on the Joshua
Tree outings and at the Summer Membership Outing in the sierra, and the club
will also reimburse for all wilderness permits on club outings, too.

In addition to free campsites and permits, we now have an opportunity to
offer our CMC membership a discount code for shopping at Backcountry.com!
Depending on what you purchase, and the amount you spend, savings can be
anywhere from 10% - 70%!

Here's how it works.

The CMC discount code is 52M-1-QVSVE. (Note: This discount code will be
updated/changed annually).

To use the code:

1. Add the item(s) that you would like to purchase to your cart

2. Proceed to the final checkout page

3. Click on Redemption Code: Click here on the checkout page

4. Enter this Code: 52M-1-QVSVE

Using this code, all of the eligible items in your cart will be discounted.
Please know that due to agreements that Backcounrty.com has with its vendors
that not all brands can be discounted. Also, please know that if an item is
already on sale you will receive which ever discounted price is better.
Generally, the codes will work most consistently for clothing, soft goods,
sleeping bags, sunglasses, etc. The codes do not work with bikes, frames,
wheel sets, skis, snowboards, bindings, etc.

Given the restricted items on codes, it may be more appealing for members to
orchestrate group or individual purchases for $500.00 or more. There are no
restricted items for those, so long as the purchase total is over $500.
This type of purchase would be done through our contact at BC.com, and
you'll need to contact me for more information if you plan to spend more
than $500.00.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Joe White,

Assistant to the Board

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