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Here's a book review for consideration.


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Ladies & Gentlemen,

Life is best when you share your experiences with friends! That's why I want to remind you that the deadline for subittals to the award-winning CMC Newsletter is December 20th. Please submit your fotos and articles for CMC trips that you have participated in during the past few months. In this newsletter the winners of the 2nd Annual CMC Photo Contest will be announced, with all 34 photos being printed throughout the newsletter. Believe me, even though we can only have three winners, there are no losing photographs!

Also to be included will be info on all of the upcoming trips, including the Winter Outing. So be a part of the best newsletter that is offered by any climbing organization in California, and submit your article or photograph to our outstanding Newsletter Publisher, Doan-Trang Tran. Please email your submittals to doantrangtran at gmail.com. The newsletter will be distributed in early January 2011.

- Bob Oppermann

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