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Thu Dec 2 21:53:31 EST 2010

Climbers and Climbettes!

The deadline to the 2nd Annual CMC Photo Contest is quickly approaching. The
judges (Board of Directors...) will be busy this year, as I have already
received many excellent photos. However, I know that the CMC is full of talented
photographers that have not yet submitted their photos for inclusion in the

Again, the rules are...1. The entrant be a Member of the CMCa. All Members are
eligible…even Board Membersb. The photo was taken by the entrantc. The photo was
taken during the calendar year of 2010d.

              - (Family vacations into the wilderness, yes. Family vacation to
Disneyland…no thankyou.)bobopp1 at yahoo.com 
Email it to Bob Oppermann (thats me...) at Photo’s be of CMC events or similar
type of personal outings

By the way, the deadline is Tuesday December 7, 2010. This will allow those of
you going to J-Tree this weekend to get another chance at the winning shot!

- Bob Oppermann
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