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Fellow CMC members-

I am planning on peakbagging in the southern Sierras on Saturday, November 21 and/or Sunday, November 22. My itinerary will depend on weather, conditions, other participants, etc. Here are some ideas:
(1) Hike up toward Shepherd Pass on Saturday and camp. Climb the north rib of Mt. Tyndall on Sunday and hike all the way out (yikes?).
(2) Spend one or two days scrambling up peaks from Onion Valley, such as Independence Peak, University Peak, Mt. Gould, Dragon Peak, and Kearsarge Peak.
(3) Hike up Tuttle Creek on Saturday and camp. On Sunday, climb Langley, Corcoran, LeConte, or the evocatively named Peak 3925 or Peak 4151 and hike all the way out (yikes?). [The views from Peak 3925 have got to be awesome.]
(4) Olancha Peak in one day if weather and conditions are iffy on the higher peaks.
(5) Owens Peak in one day if weather and conditions are abominable on the higher peaks.

I am open to other ideas. Let me know if you are interested.

Sam Page
jsamuelpage at earthlink.net

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